Welcome! I'm Sam

I am a planning and time management life coach. I help women feel less busy by giving them the skills to plan and manage their time better and decide what their priorities are.

Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed? Do you never manage to get everything done despite having a dozen to do lists? Your evenings are spent catching up with work after the kids have gone to bed? The laundry basket is often overflowing and there’s never anything in the fridge for dinner? Then I can help. 

Working together I can help you feel in control of your life again. I will teach you how to banish all those to do lists and give you the tools to better manage your time. Your inbox will no longer set your agenda for the day. Work will get done between 9am and 5pm. Your evenings will be for relaxing. You’ll have systems in place to get the chores done so it never gets overwhelming again. 

Life Coaching

Making changes on your own can be hard. That is where life coaching comes in. I can help you examine how you are spending your time. You’ll have the space to think about how you’d like to be spending your time. I’ll give your a tool to examine what you currently do with your time. I will give you lots of ideas about how to plan and manage your time better. I will challenge how you think about things and keep you accountable as you make changes in order to create the life you want. 

What my clients are saying

“Since working with Sam I now know things are organised and I’m less likely to miss something. I feel far more in control, am better at relaxing and my sleep has improved. “


“Coaching with Sam has allowed me to think differently and create a new story that gave me the boost to take action. Although my schedule didn’t change, my mindset and the way I planned my day did.”


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Work Together

If you’d like someone to guide you in making changes then I can help through one-to-one coaching sessions.