Planning and Time Management Survey

​I’m in the process of developing a program to help women to become more organised and learn to plan better so they can achieve a happier work life balance. ​

Over the past few years, through my membership of Natalie Bacon’s ‘Grow You’ life coaching programme and reading loads of personal development books, I have created lots of ways to manage and organise my work and my home life better. I would now like to help other busy professional women do the same.

I want to find out about the struggles you have with planning and organisation. Below is a link to my survey which will help me do just that. ​

For everyone who spends 15 minutes of their time filling out my survey, I will be offering a FREE 30 minute planning and time management makeover call with me so I can help you get more organised – absolutely no charge!

So whether you’re a regular reader or here for the first time what have you got to lose? Looking forward to helping you makeover your day.

Here is the link: Planning and Time Management Questionnaire

Thank you so much!”​