Why I missed driving

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Some of my days are spent sitting in front of a computer, but others are spent travelling around, which means a lot of time in my car. Usually it’s an hour there and an hour back and maybe some shorter journeys during the day. Those such as Mr Money Mustache or Jacob Lund Fisker of Early Retirement Extreme would say that we should ditch the car and walk everywhere, but unfortunately my job doesn’t allow me to do that. Therefore I have found a way to enjoy my time in the car and put it to good use. It initially started with a friend reminding me about audiobooks which are available in the library, but then one day when I was watching You Tube whilst jogging I found the Afford Anything podcast http://www.affordanything.com and I was hooked. Watching a static picture on You Tube whilst listening to whoever Paula Pant, the host of the Afford Anything podcast, was interviewing was rather boring, but a quick hop over to her website and I found over 150 podcasts to download on to my phone and play in the car, all about financial independence.

Over the Christmas period I have mostly been working at home and it just doesn’t seem right to spend time sitting and listening to podcasts. I suppose that I could do it whilst doing some housework, but if I’m partly concentrating on something else then I often lose concentration and miss bits. In the car I am able to just completely focus on listening to podcasts; obviously whilst having my full concentration on the road as well.

That is why I have missed driving. I now actually look forward to getting in the car some days; planning what to listen to, downloading it to my phone. It is like a treasure trove of information out there just waiting to be discovered and it is completely free. It may not fit the ideal picture of someone working towards financial independence, but without my car, I couldn’t do my job and without my job there wouldn’t be any money to save for the future and therefore no chance of achieving FI. And, as well as making the journey more interesting I have learnt a great deal about financial independence from all of the podcasts that I have listened to.

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  1. I so agree with you about podcasts! They’re such an amazing life hack. Do you know if there are any UK-based FIRE podcasts? I’d love to listen to them if they exist!

    1. Chrissy
      I asked that very question of Ken Okoroafor of ‘The Humble Penny’ blog and got the following reply:

      “I did a podcast interview with “The UK FI Pod”. You can see a link in my Media page (https://Thehumblepenny.com/media).
      There is also “Financial Independence Europe podcast” and they’ve featured UK guests like The Escape Artist blog.”

      In summary, no. Those of you on the American continent are way ahead of us, which is often the case.

      1. Hi Sam,

        Thanks for letting me know about these two podcasts. I’ve already added them to my feed!

        We only have one (that I know of) in Canada, so you’ve got us beat!


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