The Budget

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So before I review my monthly spending I thought that I would let you know my monthly budget. This reflects the changes that I have made since discovering FIRE e.g. cutting food costs, beauty treatment costs and increasing savings.

Household Bills

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Firstly, about £1550.00 comes out of my account into our joint account. Currently I am paying the mortgage and most of the household bills and my partner is spending the equivalent on the renovation of the house. At present this money is split as follows:

Mortgage £560.00
Mortgage overpayment £550.00
Council Tax £244.00
Water £49.00
Gas and electricity £96.00
TV licence £13.00
Broadband and line rental £26.50
Charity donation £6.00

Budgeting for annual expenses

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I then have a personal account into which I transfer £300.00 at the beginning of each month in order to save towards annual car expenses and other regular payments. The money in that account is split as follows:

Car service £20.00
Car tax £2.50
MOT £3.50
Car breakdown £5.10
Car insurance £16.00
House insurance £12.00 (this is towards half of this)
Travel insurance £7.20
Hair cuts £10.00
Eyebrow waxing £6.00
Dental check-up £1.20
Opticians check-up/new glasses £13.50
Physiotherapy appointments £96.00
Holiday fund £100.00

Saving and living

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That leaves about £815.00. I have direct debits into two savings accounts totalling £435.00, so I am down to £380 to live on for the month. This is divided as follows:

Food £140.00 (this is for my half)
Petrol £120.00
Toiletries £7.50
Professional membership £24.00
Mobile phone £10.00
Pilates classes £40.00
Miscellaneous £40.00

Now, I have some added income every month as I get paid mileage from my company for travelling. It varies from month to month, but can be from £100 to £250. This allows for some extras in this tight budget or adds to my savings at the end of the month.

I will let you know how January has gone in a couple of weeks!

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