Killing myself for FI

Two days this week have ended with me having a headache and I think that it may be because I am starving myself in order to save money. My other half is away working this week and so in a bid to save money I thought that I wouldn’t cook any meals for myself, but live on leftovers and food out of the freezer from Monday to Thursday. For my evening meals this hasn’t been too bad, but I haven’t been great with lunches. I did manage to make some roasted veg which I had with tinned fish on a couple of days, although the plate looked a bit empty. Yesterday evening I realised that the roasted veg had run out and I wasn’t going to be home at lunch time today to cook anything fresh – usually I do sweet potatoes, avocado, tinned fish and salad – I can just shove the sweet potatoes in the oven and continue working until they’re done.

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A smoothie is something that I occasionally have for breakfast (made with berries, nuts, seeds and avocado to fill me up) when I don’t have much time in the morning. As I didn’t have anything to make lunch and didn’t want to fork out any money I planned to have a smoothing for lunch and therefore I couldn’t have one for breakfast as well.  I therefore decided that it would be a good idea to get up half an hour earlier in order to make a decent breakfast for myself which meant getting out of bed at 6am! I really like the idea of getting up early. My ideal world involves having as many hours before work as I have after work, rather than the morning being a short mad dash and the evening stretching out before me with the temptation of wasting it watching TV as I’m too tired to do anything else. I do manage a leisurely morning on some days when I am working at home and only have to go into my home office at 9am and switch on the computer rather than commute for an hour. Then I manage to fit in reading, a decent breakfast and sometimes a 20-minute jog on the treadmill.

I have been thinking of trying to change my routine and get up earlier. I felt inspired this week when I listened to Ruth Soukup on the ‘Do It Scared’ podcast interviewing Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning. I agree that it feels good to have extra time in the morning and today getting up at 6am today was only half an hour earlier than my usual time, but I’m not sure that I am cut out for it, particularly in these dark mornings. By the time that I was driving home I had a thumping headache and was starving. Despite the headache I had planned to do the shopping and in particular I am making a concerted effort to always buy my petrol from Tesco as it is cheap and I get loads of Clubcard points. By the way, I realised the other day that I have earnt some passive income, well not sure that it strictly adheres to the principles, but after doing most of my spending via my Tesco credit card in January I earnt £15 in vouchers, which came off of last week’s shopping. It felt really good as I haven’t quite got the hang of earning extra money on top of my wages, but this did feel like something for nothing.

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Anyway, I digress, back to the shopping. We live about a half hour drive from Tesco and so I always try to do the shopping on the way back from work as I am passing anyway. Since I am working from home tomorrow that meant that I couldn’t just leave it, but had to struggle round Tesco with a thumping headache to save using extra petrol, and time, by going tomorrow. Now that I am home and have had a decent meal I feel fine, but I think that I really need to make more of an effort to go easy on myself. It’s just that at 49 I get depressed reading all those blogs by people who discovered FIRE in their twenties and retired by the time that they were thirty. I am madly trying to catch up! The trouble is that I might be dead before I manage to save enough to give up work! I hope your day was better than mine or if it wasn’t good at least you managed to save some money without starving yourself!

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  1. Golly Sam, that doesn’t sound great. I get hunger headaches as well, although I tend to get that when I’m deliberately creating a calorie deficit to lose weight rather than save money. I’ve tried drinking tea or water to get though it but that doesn’t tend to work for me…I’ve learned to just eat something to deal with it.

    I know what you mean about wishing that I’d been aware of FIRE earlier. I’m in my early/mid 40s and while I’m not in bad shape financially if I had made some different decisions earlier I would be further down the road. Having said that I’m just delighted that I know about it now and that I can take charge of my own destiny. Just as importantly as the destination for me is enjoying the journey. Part of being older is that I’m aware of how time is precious so I’m not prepared to sacrifice everything for an uncertain future outcome.

    Oh as a final point, I’m also a big fan of morning routines…although mine is very tame compared to most that I read about.

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