Exercise the Simple Way

It has been an absolutely glorious weekend, particularly considering that it is February. I love the sunshine and through dark and miserable January I can’t wait for the lighter evenings and warmer weather. This year it has arrived early. When it is warm and dry there is no excuse for not getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. And, it can save you money.

Leave the car at home when you can

Mr Money Mustache advocates cycling or walking and that’s all very well if you live near work, but for me it’s just not possible, particularly as I not only have to travel to the office, but during the working day as well. I have realised that despite this difficulty, I do live close enough to the local town to be able to walk there. We didn’t think about this when we bought the house, but now I realise what a bonus this is. We use the town for little bits of shopping, the library, GP, dentist, etc and it’s all on our doorstep.

Although it is only a mile away, when it is tipping with rain I must admit that I do take the car. Yesterday, as the sun was shining, I walked there and back, carrying library books and shopping on the return journey. Despite the good weather I had chores to do in the house in the afteernoon and so by about 5 o’clock I was desperate to get outside again so we went for a short walk. Until recently my step count has been abysmal, but yesterday it was 17, 455!

Free horse manure

Today, as it is beginning to feel like spring (I am slightly worried that we are going to get frost and snow at some point though – this weather is too good to be true or a confirmation of global warming) we decided to go and get some horse manure for the garden. A friend of a friend has horses and allows us to take as much as we want. It’s just a short drive, but then involves filling old compost bags with the manure, loading them in the car and then wheelbarrowing them down the garden back at the house. Two trips took us two hours in total. Lugging heavy bags of rotted manure certainly got my heart rate up – almost a workout I am sure.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I had already been for a short jog this morning. At this time of year I usually fire up the treadmill and watch YouTube whilst doing a short jog, but this morning I decided to hit the lanes in the sunshine. It was lovely, but jogging outside is much more difficult and the slightest uphill section kills me. It does feel good though when you get home and can relax over a breakfast knowing that you’ve already done your exercise for the day.

This afternoon we have been out in the garden just tidying things up. We are very lucky to have a large garden – 200ft long in fact – but this does mean that it you are at the bottom of the garden and have left something in the house it is a long way to go back for it – hence my step count today – 15,427!

Take the stairs when you can

Tomorrow it’s back to work and on some days my step count is less than 1000, but this evening I am feeling pretty good. I think the message is that even if you can’t be MMM and cycle everywhere every day, there are probably some days when you could incorporate exercise into your routine, even if it’s just taking the stairs rather than the lift, throwing yourself into the housework or pottering around in the garden.

I think that the sunshine is set to continue for a few days, so get out and enjoy it while you can.

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  1. You lead an enviable life Sam! Gardening and walking into town are such simple pleasures. I agree that this kind of exercise is easier to get to, and no less valuable than proper workouts.

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