February Spending

This was a fairly cheap month, particularly for food, as Mr Simple was away for two weeks working. Although he was back on the weekend in between I didn’t spend as much on groceries as I would usually do.

£1550.00 was transferred to the joint account and spent as follows:

Mortgage £555.32
Mortgage overpayment £850.00 – More than usual as no council tax to pay
Council Tax £0
Water £49.00
Gas and electricity £95.35
TV licence £12.83
Broadband and line £27.25
Charity donation £6.00
Total £1595.75

There must have been some slush left over from last month. Mr Simple manages this account and decides on the level of the mortgage overpayment and as you can see the amount spent is more than I paid in. It’s great seeing so much coming off of the mortgage. We owe £82,447.68. At the current overpayment rate we are due to pay it off in seven years, but I am hoping to reduce that to five – not sure how yet.

£300 then went into my second current account which as you know pays for annual expenses or regular payments. This month I had to pay for an extra dental check up for a sensitive tooth £14.00, haircut £20.00, eyebrow wax £7.50, car tax £30.00, oil for the car £14.66, physio £32.00, deposit for holiday £203.00.

I saved £435.00 which is my regular amount to my Charter Savings account and my Nationwide account, which pays 5% to those who already have a current account with them and our joint account is with the Nationwide. This offer is for a year and the maximum you can put in in one month is £250, hence that is what I pay in. My Vanguard ISA increased in value by £120.61 therefore my savings increased by £555.61 to a total of £31,437.72. I had some money left over and so I paid £100 into my ISA, although I am waiting for it to clear and bought four books, which I plan to read and review.

My other expenses were:

Food £110.32
Petrol £98.48
Toiletries £10.49
Membership £23.26
Parking £48.10 (£39.70 of this will be refunded in March as it was
incurred as part of my job)
Phone £9.71
Pilates class£16.00 – couldn’t go as often as I would have liked due to work commitments
Miscellaneous £72.71 – includes annual membership of £42
Total £398.07

So, how did your February go? Love to hear how your expenses and savings compare to mine. Are there certain areas where you are struggling to reduce costs? Let me know and maybe I might have some helpful suggestions.

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  1. Hi, many thanks for sharing, enjoyed reading your budget. My strategy is to overpay into my pension rather than my mortgage.

    1. Anne, many thanks for your comment. Just wondered how early you can draw on your pension? Does this tie your money up and mean that you can’t get access to it until 60?

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