Preaching to the Converted

Reading a post from someone who has recently achieved FIRE he rightly observed that many blogs are only rehashing the same information and you just need to ‘f***ing save money’. We all know the basics, at least if you are reading this, I expect that you know them – bring your own lunch, don’t buy coffee from Starbucks, eat home cooked food rather than takeaways, invest, set up some side hustles.

My question for you is how do we reach those people who don’t know about FIRE, who have never heard of FIRE, who don’t yet know that they want to achieve FIRE or that it is even possible? Where are they hanging out on social media? Who are they following? What discussions are they having on Facebook or Twitter, where we could contribute? We might just get people to think differently or even get them to make small changes to their spending and to understand how those could make a significant difference to their future?

I suppose you may ask, ‘Do I care?’.  For me it’s probably my inbuilt bossy streak which leads me to want to tell others how to improve their lives, even if they don’t want the advice. Whether it is about diet – eat fewer carbs, exercise – it’s good for you, but won’t make you thin or being more organised at work (Buy Getting Things Done – David Allen, it may help) and now FIRE. I have a strong urge to shout from the rooftops to let people know how their lives can be better, but as I think that may get me arrested, I’d be interested to know which virtual rooftops you would recommend.

Answers on a postcard – or maybe just below!

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  1. Although FIRE articles which appear in mainstream news generally attract hundreds of negative comments, if only one person thinks, after reading the article, that they’d like to find out more about FIRE, then it’s been a success! Maybe that’s the key, to keep at it and for stories to get out there.

    At the recent meetup, I was chatting to Emily of The Saving Journey and she had watched the Channel 4 program from 2017 – How to Retire at 40 ( – in case you missed it!) – it wasn’t great but it inspired her to find out more and it’s changed her life!

    It is hard to keep quite about FIRE, I have to really stop myself from being a pension bore when I’m out with friends, particularly those who I know haven’t hardly saved for the future.

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