Staycation Day One – armchair shopping and a windswept walk

Technically it is day two, as if we were going on holiday we would go on a Saturday. That day would mainly be taken up with travelling and shopping for groceries. Recently I have given up shopping en route and we have left with the car full of food, including the cool box and stopped on the way for a leisurely lunch.

The great thing about a staycation is that you don’t have to travel anywhere and so can spend each day of your holiday enjoying yourself. Unfortunately yesterday was a wash out in terms of the weather so we defaulted to our usual routine of chores and DIY.

The weather forecast for today looked much better – sunny spells, but during breakfast we had sideways rain. In light of this Mr Simple decided that he wanted to go out and look for an armchair for his study, so that is what we spent the first morning of our ‘holiday’ doing. Part way through browsing in the first shop I was rather glad that I didn’t persuade him to go for a walk when I saw the hail coming down outside.  

After a frugal lunch back home whilst watching Ronnie O’Sullivan clear the table several times (snooker for those of you who aren’t a fan), I managed to drag Mr Simple out for a short walk for a couple of hours. It was still blowing a gale, but the sun came out and it kept dry. There’s a lovely area of woodland a few miles from here which has wild daffodils – smaller and more delicate than the usual garden variety. It was then back home for dinner and more snooker.

Despite looking forward to some meals out this week, something which only happens occasionally since we started cutting back, we may not feel like taking advantage of the permission that we have given ourselves to indulge. Unfortunately we have both been struck by a strange stomach bug which has lingered for over a week, reducing our appetites. It hardly seems worth spending our hard-earned cash on a good meal when we aren’t that hungry. Hopefully we’ll start feeling better as the week goes on. The only treats so far have been a slice each of a lemon drizzle cake that I bought for £2 from the Coop yesterday – last of the big spenders!

Tomorrow the weather forecast is better, so we plan to take the train one stop and then walk back through the villages. I’ll let you know how we get on.  

Staycation budget spent so far: £0 or £2 if you count the cake, but that will probably come out of the food budget.

4 Replies to “Staycation Day One – armchair shopping and a windswept walk”

  1. Whenever we try to do a staycation we always end up doing housework or jobs that needs doing and we get no rest at all ! We usually get roped into some family issue, one of those ones you can’t say no to.

    We used to own a business last year and if we were at home they’d call us over the smallest of things, though if we were away they’d always seem to manage fine. We’ve contemplated telling them we were away when we were actually at home, always too worried we’d get busted though !

    Don’t get DIYing too much.

  2. Jason, thanks for your comments. We have managed to stay away from the DIY. It’s easier for us to avoid family obligations than others as both sides of our family live over three hours drive away. I’ve done some laundry, but that’s it – a success I think.

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