Staycation – Day Two – hidden delights and unexpected feathered friends

Today definitely felt more like being on holiday. As I said yesterday we walked down to the railway station and caught the train one stop along the line and took a circuitous route back to the house through some surprisingly delightful countryside. We have only lived in this area for just over three years and although we used to visit before we moved here, there are still many corners that we have never visited. When driving we tend to avoid the narrow lanes and stick to the main roads, so a walk is a chance to discover those hidden corners.

Elevenses stop

We were lucky with the weather as it was better than predicted. We managed to find a sunny bank for elevenses and had our coffee looking over this lovely field. Surprisingly there is a main road at the top of the ridge behind the hedge.

Lunch was a sandwich taken on a bench in a sunny churchyard. As it was sheltered it was surprisingly warm. After lunch we crossed a wide flat-bottomed valley which was flooded in places and there were geese and swans grazing. Then Mr Simple spotted something else through the binoculars, which at first he thought was a heron, but it was too big for that, and turned out to be a crane. It must have come across from Slimbridge or the Somerset levels. A real treat to see – if you’re a birdwatcher that is.

An unexpected sighting

Unfortunately the weather closed in as we got close to home, but we rewarded ourselves with a cup of tea and the rest of that lemon drizzle cake once we got back!

Total spent: £1.45 each for the train fare.

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