Staycation Day Three – culture and lunch

A morning at the museum

Finally got around to spending some money today. The weather was absolutely horrendous this morning. We caught the train again today, but this time we went all the way into the city. It was then a rather wet and windswept walk up to the museum. Like many museums entrance is free. There was a temporary exhibition which one had to pay to view, but we just stuck to the free stuff, which was art and natural history. Half way through Mr Simple suggested a coffee and cake, so we indulged.

The rain had eased slightly once we left the museum and walked over to a small Italian restaurant which we have eaten at on a couple of occasions. We had a lovely lunch – two courses for me, three courses for Mr Simple and a glass of wine each.

Back home we stretched our legs around town with a quick walk and then it was home for a cup of tea in front of a Skandi thriller for an hour. Tomorrow the weather is better and so we plan to go walking again.

Spending: Train £12.40, Coffee and cake £9.00, Lunch £48.60

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  1. I’m absolutely following this staycation vicariously! Glad that you’re having such a great and varied time. I hope that it’s really giving you a sense of what the prize is that you’re pushing towards on your FIRE journey.

    Enjoy the rest of your time off!

  2. Caveman, thanks for you comments. I think that we have surprised ourselves in being able to have a good week in Britain in March. If we can do it now, then a staycation in July would be even better

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