Staycation Day Four – twelve miles, local history and a plucky pony

We walked over twelve miles yesterday and that is my excuse for not having written this last night. Initially the plan was to do a walk in the national park, but as the weather was overcast we decided to stick to something local.

We walked from the village where we live to a small market town about five kilometres north. We then treated ourselves to lunch in a café, although it was somewhat disappointing, particularly as I could only manage about half of it. I think now that we don’t eat out very much I have forgotten how large portion sizes can be. I ordered a halloumi wrap with chips and after eating one half of the wrap and a few chips I was feeling rather full. I nibbled a bit of the second half of the wrap and a few more chips, but in the end had to admit defeat – such a waste. Mr Simple also struggled to finish his burger and chips. We managed to spend nearly £30 and must have left at least £10 on the plate. I realised how easily one is parted with one’s hard-earned cash when you eat out. The mistake was maybe choosing a café that we haven’t eaten at before and therefore we didn’t know the amount of food that we would get. If we went there again I think we could have one wrap/burger and chips between the two of us.

Excited to see us and rewarded with an apple

I think at this point Mr Simple would have chosen just to walk back home, but we have never explored the area north of the market town and I was eager to do so. I think that he was glad that he agreed as we discovered a manor house, a small castle (unfortunately both privately owned so we couldn’t go in) and also encountered this plucky pony. He tore across the field, past all his friends, in the hope that we may have some food. Fortunately Mr Simple had a couple of apples in his bag and so his enthusiasm was rewarded.

So that was it really. A very long walk, some local history and then we flopped on the sofa and watched a film, eating homemade curry and then apple and blackberry crumble – berries picked from the local hedgerows last autumn and kept in the freezer.

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  1. I loved the story about the little pony—what a cute little guy! Such an interesting series so far. I feel like I’m right there with you, experiencing the lovely English countryside. Thanks for sharing your experience. Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Chrissy, thanks for your lovely comments as always. Surprisingly, despite the weather, we have managed to enjoy some lovely days out. I hope that my experiences will make others think about how they can have their own staycation.

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