Staycation Day Six – carpets and curry

The weather has been against us for much of the week and it was no different today, in fact it has been pretty miserable all day. With this in mind we had already decided that we would go out for lunch to our favourite restaurant, which is an Indian. Rather than your typical Indian, where most people would go at the end of a night out, this is more like a nice restaurant which happens to serve food from southern India.

I didn’t have any particular plans for this morning, but Mr Simple suggested going to look at carpets for the spare bedroom that he has been decorating. Never one to turn down moving forward on the house renovation I quickly agreed and so we went, in the opposite direction to the restaurant to look at carpet and after popping back home for a quick coffee, battled the elements yet again in order to get to the restaurant.

Lunch was lovely as always and we took our time. We are great fans of a leisurely lunch, like the French do, rather than a heavy meal in the evening. The best part was that they were doing a special offer – 25% off the menu at lunch time. We therefore saved over £16!

We have been very lazy this afternoon, catching up on a Skandi drama with the woodburner going.

And that’s it, staycation over. We could extend it into the weekend, but it’s going to be a wet one, particularly tomorrow, so we will probably just resort to our usual routine of chores and DIY.

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