Staycation – a review

This week has shown us that it is possible to have a holiday ‘at home’, but you have to be disciplined. There is a temptation to catch up on outstanding chores and so you have to make an effort to act as though you aren’t at home.


If enjoying the outdoors is your thing then it is very easy to have a cheap and even free staycation. We enjoy walking, in fact, Mr Simple and I met through a young walkers’ group. I wonder if you realise how lucky we are in Britain to have such great access to our countryside. We are Francophiles and love going across the channel on holiday each year, but quite a few years ago we gave up trying to hike there and now take our bikes with us, as they are a much better way of exploring the countryside. Although there are some waymarked paths, any circular route often involves a lot of road walking and not always on quiet lanes. Until last year I believed that this was just true of France, but in May 2018 we spent ten days in Ireland with a view to enjoying the amazing Irish landscape, in particular the west coast. Sadly we discovered that there is even less access to the countryside in Ireland than there is in France. We spent most of our time walking along roads, with only short sections through fields. It was so frustrating – amazing scenery, but we could only enjoy the view of the mountain from the road, rather than from the top of another mountain. I have therefore learnt not to take our footpaths for granted.

We do not live in a popular walking area and yet there are footpaths everywhere and we have enjoyed some of them this week. I would definitely encourage you to buy yourself an ordnance survey map of where you live and go out and discover what is on your doorstep. Maybe wait until the weather is a bit better, but then pack a picnic and go off exploring. You may be surprised at what you find. You don’t even need a car, but can walk from the house or catch a train or bus and walk back home.


As I said above, we often cycle in France, but we have also used our bikes a couple of times since we moved here. For me it is more of a sunny day activity, but again if you already have a bike it is a free activity that the whole family can enjoy.


If you’ve been reading my posts this week you will have seen that we are birdwatchers. Now we are not fanatics – those people who travel miles to see the latest unusual feathered sighting, but we do enjoy sitting in a bird hide with our sandwiches and a flask of coffee and waiting to see what turns up. Although we went to Slimbridge this week, which charges an entrance fee, there are many RSPB sites which do not charge and most probably one near you.


We spent one morning in a local museum, many of which are free nowadays. I could have done some more research on this and found other attractions to visit, but whenever we have a holiday our main activity tends to be walking. It would also probably be easier to find places to visit after Easter as many sites tend to be closed over the winter season.

Eating Out

Since I have discovered FIRE our change of lifestyle has made going out for meal a less frequent occurrence and so it has been a real treat to be able to do so this week. As we weren’t paying for accommodation I felt less guilty about spending money on a nice meal, as it was so much less than renting a cottage would have cost us, and then we would also have paid for some meals out on top of that. I have also realised that most of the time I do prefer home cooked food. My preference is to eat fewer carbs than most people and much of what is offered on lunch menus is carb heavy – sandwiches, wraps, baked potatoes and chips. During our next staycation, and I am sure that there will be a next one, I think that I might just treat us to some nice things from Waitrose – where we used to shop before we started our FI journey. We can then add those to our picnics or evening meals.

I hope that you have enjoyed my little updates and that it has given you some ideas of how to ‘holiday at home’.

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