The Latte Factor – A Work of Fiction about FI/RE

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For those who follow Marc at you will know that he has challenged FI/RE bloggers to write a short story, of no more than 350 words and the first round of his microfiction as he calls it, has to be based on the word FIRE. Several people have taken up the challenge, including Quietly Saving, CashFlowCop and Saving Ninja, but I’m not sure whether it is my forte. I was reminded of this challenge though when I came across this episode of Afford Anything. Paula Pant, host of the podcast, interviews David Bach, author of the Automatic Millionaire (which I admit that I had never heard of) and several other financial books. His most recent book, entitled The Latte Factor, is a work of fiction.

Now even though Marc’s challenge using the word FI/RE does not have to be about the Financial Independence/Retire Early movement, this is exactly what David Bach’s novel is about. It follows a young woman working in New York in the publishing industry who goes on a financial journey. I have not yet read the book, partly because it is not being released in the UK until 16th May, but I have been able to listen to the first three chapters, being read by David, on his new podcast ‘The Latte Factor’.

To me this novel appears to present the perfect opportunity to spread information about FI/RE without trying to persuade your friends to read what they may perceive as a dry financial book. You can give them this, tell them it’s just a novel, whereas actually you’re clandestinely educating them about the benefits of the FI/RE movement.

So, if you live in the States you will already be able to get your hands on this book. You will know from my post on libraries that my first choice would always be to try your local one for any books that you fancy. Unfortunately my library does not hold any of David Bach’s books, so it seems unlikely that they are going to have this new one when it is released. I may just have to spend some money to get a chance to read it. If I do, I will let you know what I think of it, but if you get there first I would love to hear if it delivers on what it appears to promise in the first three chapters.

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  1. I hadn’t heard of this book before you mentioned it. Sounds like an interesting idea. If you do happen to pick it up, I’d be interested to read your thoughts!

    1. Great to see you Dr FIRE. Still contemplating the purchase. In these days of frugality one can’t make rash decisions about parting with money.

  2. Thanks for the shout out.

    Unlikely for this book to be in my local libraries either and I can’t bring myself to fork out nearly a tenner for the Kindle version, which is marginally cheaper than the hardback!

    1. You’re welcome. Still debating over buying it. Don’t do Kindle, but may wait to see if it comes out in paperback which is likely to be cheaper.

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