Investing in Yourself

Tom Corley’s Rich Habit Number Three:

‘I will devote at least thirty minutes each day to increasing my knowledge and improving my skills.’

I am certainly better at the first part of this than the second. If you read one of my early posts you will know that I listen to podcasts several times a week in the car when I am driving to work. These are a mix of financial and life coaching episodes. My favourite financial one at the moment is Meaningful Money which was recommended by A Life Changing Blog. For life coaching I follow Do It Scared and Natalie Bacon.

As well as listening to podcasts I have also started the habit of reading non-fiction books. I have always loved reading, mainly fiction, and used to spend lots of money on books that I read once. Now, as you know, I am a fan of the library, but they don’t always have all of the non-fiction books that I am interested in, so I do treat myself occasionally and buy a few. I keep a list of books that look interesting and try not to impulse buy, but wait a few weeks or months before parting with my hard-earned cash. I then read these in the morning, with my first cup of tea of the day and leave my novels to bedtime.

Mr Simple has excellent DIY skills

When it comes to improving my skills, I can’t say that I am good at that at all. Mr Simple has, over the few years we have had this house, taught himself, mainly via YouTube, several DIY skills. I need to learn from his good example.

A great example of where I can improve is in looking after my car.  When I lived on my own I knew how to do simple tasks on my car, but since I have lived with Mr Simple, and bought a new car, I have become the helpless female. It’s so easy just to let him do things and embarrassingly until recently I didn’t even know how to open the car bonnet.

I have had problems with the oil level over the past few weeks and when I was out and about for work I thought that the oil light stayed on for longer than usual. Instead of ignoring it and then waiting until I got home to ask Mr Simple I got out the owner’s manual, looked up how to test the oil level and impressed myself by actually doing it. The level was fine and I was reassured that I was safe to drive home. It was a very small thing, but it is an amazing feeling when you successfully achieve something new.

A steep learning curve – navigating WordPress

It is like setting up this blog. Working my way through the intricacies of WordPress was challenging at times but fabulous when the blog started to look the way I wanted it to and people actually started reading it and subscribing.

What do you do to invest in yourself every day? Are you continually learning and improving your skills?

There are so many interesting podcasts out there. I would really encourage you to check them out, particularly if you have a long commute or drive for work. It would be great to know about any ones that you follow.

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of learning and improving my skills. Just like Mr Simple I have increasingly taken to going to YouTube to see if I can solve a problem myself rather than getting someone in. More often than not I find that I can fix it myself.

    More generally though I love learning. To some extent it doesn’t matter what it is, but I love the process of forcing my brain to grasp something tricky. My latest thing is cryptic crosswords. I’ve never had a clue about how they work in the past, but having looked into it it turns out that there are rules. I still can’t actually do a newspaper clue, but I’m starting to recognise structures and I can do some of the examples in the books that I’ve got out on it. Slow burn though!

    1. Caveman, lovely to see you. I once had a book about solving cryptic crosswords – ‘Pretty Girl in Crimson Rose’ by Sandy Balfour. As you say, I learnt that there are rules and I was so pleased with myself when I solved just one clue. I will leave you to work out what the answer to the title’s clue is.

  2. Thank you for the mention of MeaningfulMoney – I’m delighted it’s been useful for you.

    Investing in yourself is SO important and fortunately has never been easier. I’d add that there are a lot of charlatans online though, so it’s important to view everything you read online with a common-sense lens, and if in doubt, seek help from a knowledgable real human!

    Great post, Sam – thanks again!

    1. Pete, I feel honoured that you stopped by to comment. When it comes to mentioning your show, you are very welcome. That’s one of the great things about having a blog – being able to share great information that we can all learn from.

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