June Review and Spending

It hasn’t felt like June, mainly because the weather has been so disappointing. Even as I sit here writing this at the end of the month it may be sunny, but it is very windy, which means that t-shirt and shorts are out of the question. Every day that it’s like this a life in France seems more appealing.

This month started with a week in the Yorkshire Dales, which was a fairly frugal holiday in a small cottage, during which we mainly spent time walking.

£4 spent on ice cream

Socially, it was a quiet month – a few drinks with friends in the village one evening and my sister visited for a weekend. We ate at home and I only spent £4, which was on two ice creams for us after a walk along the coastal path. I did spend more than I usually would on desserts from the supermarket, but it wasn’t as much as if we had eaten out.

I had 66 more visitors to the blog, but 109 fewer page views. I don’t know an awful lot about blogging, but I think that means that people take a quick look and then disappear. Obviously not everyone likes what they see, but there we go. Although I read about people having thousands of page views after a few months, this is only a hobby so far and the fact that anyone actually bothers reading it at all seems amazing to me.

So, let’s look at the figures…

We paid £1111.21 off against the mortgage. The standard monthly payment was £536.21 and then we made an overpayment on the mortgage of £575.00. This leaves the balance on the mortgage standing at £78,263.13.

Savings are up thanks to the stock market

My savings are at £34,026.57.  It would have been more, but I realised that I made an error in my calculations earlier in the year and had to pay £160 into my stoozing account. My Vanguard stocks and shares ISA has been mostly up this month and by 30th June I had made a profit of £268.04. Woohoo!  I made my usual savings of £185.00 to Vanguard and £250.00 to the Nationwide.

Interest on my Marcus account which I am using for stoozing was £5.19. That makes a total of £17.18 since I opened the account at the end of January. It isn’t a great deal, but it’s free money as long as Tesco is giving me 0% on my credit card.

Food was £154.45 which included an indulgent Waitrose shop for our holiday in the Yorkshire Dales and a delivery from Tesco. I am reading ‘The Complete Tightwad Gazette’ by Amy Dacyczyn and she questions why we shop weekly and buy in small portions. I realised that I come home with a few bottles of beer, a couple of tins of mackerel and a few packets of crisps each week, when I could just buy a month’s supply. So that is what I did. I looked through the receipts from the past few months and made a list of what I usually bought, worked out how much we would need for a month and then Tesco delivered it. I also added in our normal weekly shop of groceries such as milk, vegetables, fruit, etc. The total came to £145.57 which was divided between me and Mr Simple. Therefore this month we went slightly over budget, but that should mean that we don’t spend nearly as much next month. The problem is going to be stopping Mr Simple eating all of the chocolate and crisps before the month is out – I have already had to hide the chocolate – at his request, as he tells me that he can’t resist.

The monthly shop may have been a large expense, but I did have a week of eating out of the freezer, as Mr Simple was away working during the last week the month. My meals were either chilli and rice, veggie burger and salad or pesto and pasta. That was a very frugal week.

Petrol £35.57 – this was very under budget. It’s partly due to being away on holiday when Mr Simple drove. I gave him money towards the petrol, but that came out of the holiday budget. I obviously just haven’t been anywhere.  

Pilates – £24.00 – I missed one week as we were away in Yorkshire, so this was less than usual.

Toiletries –  £6.00 – again very under budget. It included moisturiser and half a bottle of suntan lotion (Mr Simple shared the cost). We had three very old bottles which Mr Simple said weren’t working. He seems to burn more easily than I do, so I splashed out and bought a new bottle. Let’s just hope we get enough sunshine to use it.

Miscellaneous – £55.84, which was more than budgeted as it included money for my nephew’s birthday.

Expenses from bills account – expected regular/annual expenses

Eyebrow wax – £7.50

Hair cut £16.00

Holiday spending £124.96 i.e. balance on the Yorkshire Dales break.

Physio £32.00 – only one session this month.

Italy holiday balance – £220.57. I am going to the Italian Lakes in September with my mother to mark my 50th year. I have paid for most of the holiday out of the allowance I get for using my car for work. I used to receive this on a monthly basis and so just spent it along with the rest of my wages. Now I receive it annually, a bit like a bonus I suppose. I haven’t missed it in my wages. It’s amazing that when amounts are automatically deducted before you see them you just get used to having less. I have decided to use it towards a holiday each year.

Oil – £14.33. My car is burning oil and so I had to buy some to get it topped up. I am having it serviced next month and I am hoping that they can find out what is wrong with it and hopefully it won’t be anything too expensive – fingers crossed.

So there it is. Any observations or suggestions? Tell me how your June was.

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  1. 💜 I would just like to say that I have recently found you blog and I love it 💕 You have a lovely way of writing from your personal experience, which I appreciate. Most of the frugal and simple living blogs tend to show you the same supermarket offers. Keep up the good work.
    Thank you 💕💜💕

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