Frugal Friday

Well it’s Friday again so here’s yet five more frugal things I’ve done this week. I’m not sure that I am going to be able to come up with five every week, but it’s week three and I am still going, so here we are:

Used butter tubs to freeze leftovers instead of freezer bags

Now this is something that my mother does – you get to 50 and you start turning into your mother. Inevitable I suppose. The plastic tubs are easy to stack in the freezer. I put labels on them so I know what they contain. You always think you’ll recognise what’s in it, but I have found out that that isn’t always true. I only have a limited number of butter tubs, so I still use freezer bags, which I of course wash out. It can be a bit fiddly, but it seems such a waste to throw them away after one use.

Turn radiators off in rooms that you don’t use

Turned the heating down in the spare bedroom once my sister had left

For most of the time we haven’t had the heating on recently, even though summer is only visiting sporadically. With my sister visiting though I thought I had better turn up the heating, well turn it on really. When she left, although I turned the thermostat down back to 19C I also turned the radiator in the spare bedroom off so even if it gets very cold the radiator won’t come on at all.

Ate leftovers from the freezer when Mr Simple was away

You may have seen that June was an expensive month for food, but I did spend one week eating out of the freezer. This was because Mr Simple goes away to work, usually for a day or two, but this time it was for a week, so I made the most of the opportunity to keep food simple and ate leftovers that I had shoved in the freezer. I am less fussy than Mr Simple and happy to live on chilli and rice.

Walked into town

We live just a mile from a small town, but despite that I am often tempted to drive in if the weather is bad. Last Saturday it was lovely and warm so I walked there. I had to carry some heavy hardbacked library books, which wasn’t ideal, but on the way back I only had one small paperback.

Exchanged plants with a friend

This was not something instigated by me, but by my friend, who I know through work. She very kindly offered me two everlasting sweet peas and in exchange I gave her some lemon basil. This is such a good way to get free plants. We have foxgloves in our garden that seed themselves every year. I always pot some seedlings up for the annual village plant sale and this year I also gave some to a friend in the village.

Let me know your frugal activities from this week and don’t forget to check out the other posts by Cass, Emma and Becky.

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  1. 💜 A friend at work has recently moved into a new house, her garden is practically devoid of flowers, I find that very sad. Like you I have been digging up any surplus plants in my garden. Foxgloves, Irises, Passion flowers and I’ve even managed to find her a tiny Buddleia plant. I love that you are swapping plants, my everlasting sweet pea is beautiful this year. 💕

    1. Yes, I probably should do more of it. It’s such a good way to fill your garden with new plants as well as get rid of surplus ones.

  2. Eating out of the freezer is a big one for us…our fridge-freezer blew up last weekend and we rapidly had to eat what we could. It was a sobering lesson to realise how much stuff had been languishing in there.

    The advantage of having to throw the rest out is that we now have a fresh start. We are going to try VERY hard to eat stuff that we put in the freezer within a week or two. Any longer and we realised that you just forget that its there!

    1. A good way to keep track of what’s in your freezer is to use a list. We have a sheet of paper on the noticeboard and every time I put something in the freezer I add it to the list and obviously cross it off when I take it out. Some mornings when I know I am going to be back late I have a quick scan of the list to see if there’s anything we can have for dinner that I can take out and defrost ready for when I get home. Once you get a new fridge-freezer maybe you could give it a try.

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