Another Frugal Friday

Another week over and so here’s five more frugal things I’ve done this week…

Ate broccoli stems

This is what you might call ‘nose-to-tail’ eating, but for vegetables instead of meat. For some reason in this country we have a tendency to just cut off the florets and then throw the rest in the bin, whereas the broccoli stems are completely edible. I usually peel them and chop them into thin strips. They taste just like the florets. The stem is probably the heaviest part of the plant so by throwing it away we are putting the most expensive part of our purchase in the bin.

Washing in cold water in summer isn’t so bad

Washed my face in cold water

I used to run the tap until the water became hot and then put in the plug and fill the sink. Now I just run the tap and immediately put the plug in, so it just fills with cold water. With the weather having finally warmed up, the cold water on my face is quite pleasant after a warm night, but I am not sure if I will be able to keep this up when it gets cold again.

Turned the lamp off in the lounge as I wasn’t in there

We have a light on a timer in the lounge. I think Mr Simple believes that it deters burglars when we aren’t here. He was away and I wasn’t using the room, so I turned it off. Simple, but it’s the little things that can make a big difference.

I love poached eggs for breakfast

Used vinegar from pickled onions in poached egg water

This was Mr Simple’s idea. I frequently eat poached eggs for breakfast and have a bottle of vinegar in the cupboard to put in the water. Mr Simple is a lover of pickled onions, although not for breakfast, obviously. When the jar is empty of onions and only vinegar remains, I use it for my poached eggs. It’s like getting two different types of groceries in one jar.

Bought second hand books

Mostly I try to get books out of the library, but they don’t always stock what I want. After reading David Bach’s ‘The Latte Factor’ and ‘The Automatic Millionaire’, I then wanted to read ‘Start Late, Finish Rich’, which at my time of life seems more relevant. Although I ended up buying a copy I only spent just over £3 on the book and delivery, which didn’t seem too indulgent.

Let me know your frugal activities from this week and don’t forget to check out the other posts by Cass, Emma and Becky.

4 Replies to “Another Frugal Friday”

  1. 🌸 Thank you for another interesting blog entry. I love using our local library. I was wondering, is your library council owned ? If it is you can order the books you would like to read. There may be a small charge, but it’s still cheaper than buying them. Our library is amazing, you can create an account online and enjoy magazines, which are extortionate to buy, download audio books and take advantage of many other services they offer. Our libraries need to be used and loved, they are amazing places for everyone to enjoy. I’m intrigued by your use of the pickled onion vinegar. Do you poached eggs taste of pickled onions ?

    1. Susan, our library is council owned and I can order books from anywhere in the county, but unfortunately they don’t always have the books that I am interested in. As for the poached eggs, they don’t taste at all of pickled onions.

  2. Great frugal wins so well done! I am impressed with your vinegar story too. I don’t use the library as often as I should and that’s because I am not reading as much! I need to fix that. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. My library does audio books, as I am sure yours does as well, so if you can’t find time for reading you could maybe download an audiobook to listen to in the car on the way to work or whilst you are doing the cleaning.

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