Bank Holiday Savings

We all enjoyed some warm and sunny weather this weekend

It’s coming to the end of the bank holiday weekend and I hope that you’ve had the chance to enjoy some sunshine. After what seems like weeks of rain it was good to feel that summer was back again. Mr Simple and I have spent most of our time painting the outside of the house; we wanted to make the most of the dry weather. As well as being a productive weekend it has also been a frugal one and so, having not had a ‘Frugal Friday’ post for a while, I thought that I would let you know how I managed to save some money over the last couple of days.

When I popped into Boots on Saturday morning I noticed that they were selling ‘Nice and Easy’ hair dye at two for £10, instead of £6.79 each. I therefore bought a couple as I will definitely use them over the coming months.

Whilst I was in town I also picked up some CDs that I had reserved in the library. I am off to Italy next week with my mother and in a bid to refresh the few words of Italian that I know I decided to listen again to ‘Learn Italian with Paul Noble’. I did an evening class in Italian a few years ago and took the same CDs out of the library before I started the course. I ended up learning more from the CDs than I did from the teacher as he was absolutely hopeless. Audio courses as well as evening classes can be really expensive, so getting CDS out of the library is a great way to learn a language and it doesn’t cost you anything. I plan to listen to them in the car instead of my usual podcasts up until the holiday.

We were lucky enough to be invited to a neighbour’s birthday party in the village hall. We don’t know her very well, but decided that we would go along anyway, knowing that there would be other people there who we do know. I thought that we couldn’t go emptyhanded, but fortunately I had some toiletries that I had received for my birthday, but hadn’t yet used. I therefore wrapped them up and hey presto, a present. Some of you may think that it’s ungrateful to give a present away, but as I hadn’t got around to using them and they may have ended up being forgotten in a drawer, I though this was a good idea.

It was nice to share a bottle of sparking wine at the party

As well as the present we also took along a bottle of wine. We buy most of our wine when we go on holiday to France and even though we haven’t been this year, we still have loads left. This was a bottle of sparkling rosé that we bought in the Loire some years ago. We are not great drinkers and so only usually drink half a bottle of an evening. Unfortunately with sparkling wine that is not a possibility. This gave us the chance to share it with others so it didn’t go to waste.

When it comes to dressing up I am not a great one for fancy clothes, make up and jewellery. In a bid to make more of an effort I actually painted my toe nails and plucked my eyebrows, which did need a bit of attention as although I am still having them waxed it is only occasionally. I felt quite feminine for a change. I haven’t painted my toenails for a couple of years now and it always feels a bit frivolous, but they looked nice and it felt good to treat myself. I am hoping that they will last until we go to Italy as I am sure my feet will be on show in the warm weather. It’s amazing how many tasks we have got used to ‘outsourcing’ nowadays, whereas with a little bit of practice you can do them perfectly well yourself.

Finally, in an attempt to diversify my income I tried selling a few courgettes on a table in front of the house. I made a grand total of £1.52. It was money for nothing, as otherwise they would have gone on the compost heap, but I don’t think I can give up my day job just yet.

So that’s it. A few frugal ideas. How did your bank holiday weekend go? Did you manage to save any money, or better still, did you make any?

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  1. Hi Sam,
    Sounds like you’ve had a very good bank holiday weekend, what a busy bee 🐝 I’ve had a very frugal weekend, mainly due to the heat! I’m not good in hot weather in fact anything over 21c and in absolutely drained of energy. I’m pleased to hear that your Italian is coming along very well, aren’t libraries a fantastic resource, I use my local library every week. Now that I have managed to negotiate the web site 🙄 I have ebooks, audio books and magazines to plough through, all for free. Take care 💜

    1. Sue, I completely agree. Libraries are a wonderful resource and I never understand people who are reluctant to use them. They’re missing out on so much.

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