Make Every Day Exciting

I was recently persuaded to go into the city centre on a Saturday night for a colleague’s leaving do. By the time that I arrived at 6pm she and several others had been out all afternoon drinking. I was just there for something to eat. My days of going out to bars and clubs are long behind me and mainly happened in my late teens and early twenties. Now I sit and watch aghast at what goes on and how much money people are parting with.

The venue for the meet up was a cocktail bar which was serving various concoctions at  extortionate prices. I got a lift there from a colleague who shares the same views about going out drinking at the weekend and we had an interesting debate about the need to get plastered on a regular basis. Both of us are middle-aged and happily settled in relationships. We have nice homes that we enjoy spending time in and partners who we love and want to spend time with. Our theory about those who wish to dull their senses with alcohol on a regular basis was that maybe they aren’t as lucky as we are and therefore want to escape from the real world.

This habit of living just for the weekend is something that I encounter on a regular basis. There seems to be an expectation that Monday mornings are something to be endured and going back to work after a period of leave something to be dreaded.

The village hall is going to be host to a film night once a month

As you know I have recently returned from a holiday in Italy and actually I was quite looking forward to coming home. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy my holiday, but there were plenty of nice things happening back at home. For a start, one of the trainee guide dogs we have looked after a couple of times was coming back to stay for the week and he was going to be with Mr Simple when he picked us up at the airport. Secondly, I was going to meet up with some ex-colleagues for food and then later that week I had an invite for drinks at a neighbour’s house. She has what looks like a lovely property and I was excited to see inside for the first time (I am ever so nosey). There seem to be more social events than ever going on in the village – I had booked to see a play in the village hall later in September and then whilst I was away I also had a message about a film club starting in the village.

Maybe I’m lucky that  I enjoy my day to day life. Like everyone I have good and bad days, but on the whole I have a nice life. Yes, it involves going to work, which can sometimes be stressful, as well as doing chores on the evenings and weekends, but everyday there are things to enjoy. That first cup of tea in bed in the morning whilst I’m reading my latest  self-help book, sitting down to breakfast with Mr Simple on some days, watching FI/RE videos on YouTube whilst I am jogging on the treadmill. In the evening I get to spend time with Mr Simple, even if it’s just watching a bit of TV together. I get excited about seeing how many people have read my posts that day and enjoy planning and writing new posts. Even my daily commutes provide an opportunity for pleasure as I decide which podcasts to download ready to listen to the next day on the way to work.

If you just live for the weekend or your holidays, my homework for you today is to have a think about how much time you spend planning your holidays or your weekend nights out, as opposed to making your ordinary days more enjoyable.  Instead of just living weekend to weekend or holiday to holiday could you put more effort in to creating that same anticipation when you wake up each morning? How could you make your days more enjoyable by adding little bits of pleasure?

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  1. I guess I’m like you in that I’m content with my day to day life but that doesn’t mean that I don’t look forward to my weekends or to my holidays. When I wasn’t working, I made sure that I kept my weekends ‘sacred’ and I think I will likely do the same when I retire as I would hate every day to be like a weekend, with nothing to look forward to.

    Perhaps this has been ingrained in me but I read of retirees not enjoying their holidays so much because part of their enjoyment was escaping from work/normality. I’d like to keep the week normal and reserve excitement for weekends and holidays!

    1. An interesting take on things. At the moment I think I find it hard to imagine what it would be like to be retired. Looking at my parents weekends don’t seem to exist and my mum has trouble remembering what day it is as each day is pretty much the same i.e. she isn’t in work.

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