Ten Simple Living Ideas During Covid-19

1. widen your culinary repertoire

Be flexible and be open to trying new ingredients. You may not get everything that you want when you go shopping. Use this as an opportunity to buy things that you haven’t tried before and look up ideas about how to use them.

2. Eat more beans and lentils

Not everyone likes eating lentils or knows what to do with them. There are though some great recipes that you can make with them, varying from Indian dals to a lentil loaf for a vegetarian roast lunch.

3. keep in touch

Try to maintain face to face contact with friends, family and colleagues using programs such as Skype or Facetime. You may not have used these before, but this is your opportunity to learn. Schedule a virtual coffee or even a lunch with a friend to catch up.

4. read books

Go to the library. As more and more of us use the internet to keep in touch our bandwith may be reduced. Make sure that you’ve got some good old-fashioned paper books at hand. It will also give your eyes a rest from looking at a screen.

5. get some fresh air

Whilst we’re still allowed out try going for a walk every day. Without that daily commute you’ll have more time in your day. The weather will hopefully improve over the coming weeks and the days will certainly lengthen. Enjoy thirty minutes in the fresh air. It will also help get you away from all those screens and give you a chance to enjoy nature.

6. grow your own

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, even a small one, how about growing some veg this year? Even a balcony would be enough to grow some salad leaves in containers or even a tomato plant if it’s a sheltered sunny spot.

7. have a routine

I’m all for getting dressed for work even when I’m not going out the door. I started to make more of an effort after listening to this podcast by Natalie Bacon.  If you’re not used to working at home you may find this useful to distinguish between work time and personal time. Even if I don’t need to dress smartly I at least put on jeans and then when I’m finished work I change into my tracksuit bottoms. I also have a clear start to my work day, making myself a cup of coffee before I sit down and turn the computer on.

8. remain positive

Try to limit the amount of news that you consume. I think that it can be tempting to get caught up in all the drama, but it can also lead to unnecessary worry. Keep yourself informed, but otherwise try to focus on other things which create more positivity in your life.

9. improve yourself

Make the most of extra time, using it as an opportunity for learning instead of maybe watching too much TV. There’s lots of on line courses or even You Tube videos from which you can learn loads of different skills.

10. improve your home

Take the opportunity to do those DIY jobs that you’ve been putting off for years or even months. Maybe even have a spring clean. It will also be the chance to have a look in the back of those cupboards to find those ingredients you bought but never used. They might just come in handy.

Finally, just take care of yourselves and your family over the coming months. Let me know your ideas for how to manage our time and our minds as we move into uncharted waters.

6 Replies to “Ten Simple Living Ideas During Covid-19”

    1. Raj, you are completely right. Our library closed yesterday. I managed to get a few books out and they are now in quarantine on my hallway floor. There will still be e-books and audio books available on line from the library. Thanks, Sam.

      1. Hi Sam, these are great ideas, many of which we’ve been implementing. It’s been 10 days since we started self-isolating and we’re only now settling into a routine.

        The first week was filled with phone calls and emails to cancel our trip to Japan, along with a some stocking up so we could minimize how much we needed to go out.

        Now we’re starting to actually enjoy and make use of this time off. It’s actually becoming relaxing in a weird way… as long as we try not to think about the coming apocalypse.

        I hope you and Mr. Simple are staying healthy and safe. It’s nice that we can keep in touch via our blogs during this difficult time.

        1. Chrissy, lovely to hear from you. I am trying to stay positive at this difficult time. We are fortunate that we have plenty of room and a garden. Also, we don’t have children. The situation is much more challenging for others. Making the most of working at home by trying to jog on my treadmill every morning and going for a walk at lunch time whilst we’re still allowed out. Take care of yourself, Sam.

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