April Review

Butterfiles on lavender
We’ve had lots of peaceful days in the garden in April – the weather has been amazing

I’m sitting here wondering if I have enough to tell you about, as life has become fairly quiet in the Simple household. To a certain extent it’s always been peaceful and calm, but the days have occasionally been dotted with some social activities. Now the evenings and weekends are blank canvases which I can fill with whatever I want – well obviously as long as it’s mostly within the limits of our four walls and garden.

scissors on green background
We all now have to learn to be our family’s hairdresser

It has on the whole it has been a frugal month. I spent the princely sum of £2.20 on cleaning products and £27.98 on toiletries, which included two packs of hair dye. I am so glad that I started to colour my hair myself before the hairdressing salons had to close. The next task is learning to cut it or at least Mr Simple learning to do so. l am going to use Mrs Frugalswoods’ guidance on this as I have long straight hair like her, which hopefully shouldn’t be too difficult to cut.

My usual monthly Tesco delivery didn’t happen as securing a slot seems to involve getting up in the middle of the night to book and I’m therefore shopping at a small local super market. I have realised how cheap some of Tesco’s prices are and have gone without rather than pay over the odds. My food budget is £100 per month and yet in April I spent £170.00. Fortunately my miscellaneous budget of £40 wasn’t spent and along with the £50 I have for social activities, which again remained unspent, they more than covered this.

The food budget included a local veg box delivery. I used to subscribe to Riverford and then Able and Cole, but gave them up as an indulgence when we started on our frugal journey. At the beginning of the lockdown l searched online, but everyone was oversubscribed. A local service said that they could put me on their waiting list and then in April they had a space and have started delivering every week. Whilst most of what they deliver isn’t currently their own produce, as we are in ‘the hunger gap’, as the weeks go on it should all be from their fields which are with a couple of miles away. For the moment I am happy to pay for someone to deliver instead of making an extra trip to the supermarket.

The annual house insurance payment was due in April, but like all once a year bills l save towards it every month and so the money was there when I needed it.

blue petrol pump
Zero spent on fuel this month

My petrol spending has been zero. I’ve also saved on my monthly physio appointment as they are currently on hold. The money I’ve saved went towards the mortgage. That took the overpayment for the month up to £650.00 and our balance now stands at £67, 774.76. It’s great to see it going down at such a pace.

With the interest rate on my index funds with Vanguard having plummeted in March, it’s recovered quite amazingly in April and the balance stands at £18,405.16. My total savings are £31,474.43, which doesn’t include money put by for a new car. I’m just paying in my regular amounts to my ISA and plugging away at the mortgage instead.

Mr Simple and I have spent a lot of time in the garden and it’s looking good. April has been such a hot month and we could have done with more rain. Our water rates are down to £28.50 per month, after being at £40.00 for a while due to having a new lawn laid a couple of years ago. Currently, the water butts are nearly empty. If we don’t have a lot of rain we’ll end up having to use the hosepipe to water the garden. l know some of you may be cursing me if I get my wish, but I would love a week of steady rain. Otherwise our bill may be on the rise again.

Woman in pink doing pilates
One day I might be able to do this – but not for now!
keeping fit and well

Due the lockdown my Pilates classes, like much of life, have become virtual. Since our teacher changed at the beginning of the year I have not been entirely happy with the pace and format of the class, but have tried to stick with it as I do love the exercises and feel the benefit of them. Having participated in a few virtual classes with her I decided to explore other online possibilities. I was so glad that l did as it led me to Jessica Valant Pilates and I have become obsessed. You can check out her free YouTube videos here, but after doing a couple of those I took the plunge and signed up for her ‘Unlimited’ programme. It costs just £107 for the year and you have access to all her videos, most of which are much longer than those on her YouTube channel.

Every month there is a suggested programme which includes two new videos. I was also able to attend a live class the other night which was free to Unlimited members. I love her teaching style which is very clear and she doesn’t go too fast. If you haven’t done Pilates before there is a ‘Jumpstart’ monthly programme to get you started. My previous classes have been £8 per lesson, which works out at about £400 if you did it every week of the year. With this new regime I can do Pilates every day of the year for a quarter of the price. What’s not to like?

In ‘Grow You‘, Natalie Bacon’s fantastic coaching programme, the topic was simplifying and organising your life and mind, which covered decluttering one’s environment and thoughts. I cleared out one of the pantry cupboards, threw a few things out and re-organised the rest. I also sorted out some of my study, where I now spend all of my work time. I have linked to Natalie’s podcasts on several occasions and the content that she produces is like nothing else I have come across. It is all about working on your mind and your thoughts to help you achieve your goals. If you haven’t listened to one of her podcasts I would really recommend that you give them a go.

a bee on a dandelion
Lots of weeds in the shady part of the garden
plans for May

It was my birthday in April and Mum sent me £200 which I am going to use to buy plants for the garden. Since we moved to this house five years ago we have not done any work on the right hand hide of the garden. That is the shady side and so more challenging horticulturally. l have made a list of plants that should be happy to grow there. At the moment it is a bit of on overgrown mess, but in May that will all change. We have a week off and originally we were meant to be going to Pembrokeshire, but instead we will have an unexpected staycation. Our plan is to work on the right hand side of the garden. Once it has been cleared I can spend my birthday money on some new plants. I will let you know how we get on in next month’s review.

For now, I hope that you had a peaceful April and are keeping yourself safe and well. Until next time, best wishes, Sam.

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