May Review

Our calendar looks very empty
life in lockdown

So my friends, how are you managing? Fed up of staying at home and looking forward to lockdown being relaxed or worried about having to go out and happy to make the most of your time at home? I think that I am in the latter camp.

The impact on life in the Simple household struck me on the morning of 1st June when I turned the calendar over. It was a stark reminder of everything that we should have been doing over the next few weeks, from our village cinema night and the annual barbecue to a fortnight’s holiday in France. We did miss a holiday in May, but that was only to Pembrokeshire.

cancelled holidays

Our holiday to France is something that we have been doing ever since I met Mr Simple, but my efforts to save some money have meant that last year we didn’t go and the year before we just had a week self-catering in Brittany. The usual format is a week staying in B&Bs and a week in a cottage, or a gite as the French call it. Several years ago we discovered a wonderful place to stay run by a lovely couple. He’s from the UK and she is American. A stay with them is like returning to old friends. They provide a meal most evenings, which you share with them and other guests. I love it. There’s usually a mix of nationalities sitting around the table. After not seeing them for a few years we booked several nights there during our first week away, but have sadly had to cancel. I just hope that they are still there when life gets back to normal and that we will have another chance to stay with them. France will always be there to visit, but it is the people that I am missing.

In the week that we were meant to be going to Pembrokeshire we spent our time in the garden every day except one, when we went walking. Mr Simple worked hard clearing an old flowerbed. As we live near the coast the ground is full of large rocks which it takes a pick axe to get out. I had the job of cutting back the plants before he then dug out the roots and the rocks. We were lucky that the weather was warm and dry, although I am grateful for the rain that we’ve had since, as the garden is desperate for it.

Every day starts like this
making the most of my time at home

I am one of the lucky ones who is still employed full time. Ordinarily I spend some of my days at home in front of the computer, but now that happens every day and all of my interaction with other people is via telephone and Skype instead of face to face. I must admit that I don’t miss the travelling, which many days used to take an hour each way, but do miss the human interaction. One of the advantages of working at home full time is that I have been able to consolidate my morning routine. Previously there was great variation in the time that I had to leave the house each morning, whereas now I just sit down at my computer at 9am every day. Since I get up at 6am that gives me three hours to fill.

Our days always start with a cup of tea in bed, although obviously I do have to get up to make it. Our arrangement is that I do this on weekdays and Mr Simple makes a cuppa at the weekend. Whilst I am enjoying that I spend ten minutes journaling and then twenty minutes either reading or taking notes from a book that I have read recently. At the moment it’s ‘Make Time’ by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky. It’s a really accessible book with lots of great tips and fun drawings. By 7am I am either on the treadmill doing a gentle jog and watching YouTube or doing some Pilates for half an hour. The exercise is followed by ten minutes of what I call ‘quiet time’. I’m not sure it’s meditation, but a chance to quieten my mind and heart rate after exercising. Finally it’s breakfast time, before showering to get ready for the day. Depending on whether I have to wash my hair or not I may have time to put some laundry on or to spend ten or fifteen minutes cleaning. At 8.55am I make myself and Mr Simple a coffee and then I am ready to start my working day. Having a morning routine gives me something to look forward to when I go to bed at night apart from another day of work.

Lots spent on feeding our feathered friends this month

Like many people May was a quiet time spending wise. My budgets for petrol, social activities and physio sessions were unspent. Our food budget was slightly overspent for the second month running due to deciding to shop locally, totalling £124.98 for me. My miscellaneous budget was through the roof as Mr Simple bought bird food, I treated myself to some books from Amazon and we had a trip out to the garden centre during our week off. Having just added it up I can’t believe that it came to over £200.

In terms of savings, my year of stoozing has come to an end and I have paid off my credit card in full, as next month Tesco will start charging me interest. I’ve made well over £100 in interest in my Marcus account, by doing not a lot. Although they have recently reduced their interest rate it is more than most savings accounts are offering. I have left £8,000 in there because as I’ve said before I am likely to need a new car shortly. This may though be further off than I previously thought as currently I am only using it for the fortnightly shopping trip.

We’ve splashed out on a potting shed

The cottage in Pembrokeshire was going to cost £500 for the week and the gite in France was over £600. We have received full refunds for both of these. Some of that went towards my miscellaneous overspend. During the outing to the garden centre we bought a potting shed, something that we have been planning for a while. This will give us more room in the two greenhouses so that we can grow even more veg. I was lucky enough to receive £200 from my mum for my birthday in April, which meant that I only had to find £202 myself for the shed. The rest of the holiday money has gone into my ISA, along with my usual contributions. I ended up investing £700 in May and with the bounce back in the interest rate my savings now total over £33,000. That doesn’t include the money that I have put aside for a new car.

Our mortgage contribution, including an extra large overpayment came to £1340.11 taking the balance down to £66,474.61, but with the interest added it’s back up to £66,531.70. At the moment I’m battling with the age-old problem of using that unspent money each month to make extra payments towards the mortgage or invest in my ISA. Last month was a bit of both, but in June I’ll probably just shove it all into my index funds.

I hope that you managed to enjoy some of the wonderful sunshine that we had during May. As I sit here writing this at the beginning of June it’s very grey and windy outside. It feels as though we’ve gone straight from spring into autumn and whilst, as I said, the garden is in need of some rain, I’m looking forward to some more sunshine over the coming months.

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  1. Sigh! I too was reminiscing about past holidays with friends. Without overseas trips this year, the only silver lining is that my travel fund is growing nicely. Enjoy your summer – hope it warms up for you soon!

  2. I’m with you. On the one hand, I don’t miss going into work and could quite happily continue working from home. It’s especially nice being able to have lunch with my wife every day! But on the other, I do miss social activity with friends and family. We had a few events planned for the summer that have all been cancelled, and even with the lockdown starting to be lifted, we don’t feel confident to start socialising just yet.

    I’m sure summer hasn’t abandoned us just yet, and that the sun will be shining soon enough!

    1. I’m glad it’s not just me who’s feeling nervous about socialising. I hate to be the voice of doom and gloom, but I do believe that there will be a second wave and we may end up going back to lockdown again. Looking at what happened during the Spanish flu in the last century they had to social distance on and off for two years.

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