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This post started out as my monthly review, but has turned instead into an example of how to make decisions about your future self . Thinking back over October and about what was memorable, one occasion was a spontaneous glass of wine in a neighbour’s garden. I was coming back from a walk and bumped into two neighbours. One of them I know a little. The other one I used to work with, about ten years ago and to put it delicately, she’s not my sort of person. Nevertheless, after discovering that she lives in the same village as me, I am polite to her and she is friendly to me.

When I enquired where they were off to, the neighbour I know a little said that they were planning to have a glass of wine in her garden and she asked me to join them. I am not good at doing things on the spur of the moment and my first reaction is always to say no, but two things made me accept. Firstly, the sun was shining and I thought that it would be nice to sit outside, even if it was October and secondly, the garden in which we were going to sit opens to the public once a year as part of the National Garden Scheme. In other words, it’s a lovely place to sit with others and contemplate life.

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The more challenging decision was when we arrived in the garden and I was asked ‘white or red?’. I have never been a big drinker and since I was diagnosed with a heart condition I rarely drink. My weekend evening tipple is one bottle of Beck’s Blue – low alcohol lager. Occasionally Mr Simple likes to have a glass of wine and as that means opening a bottle I usually have a small one as well. The problem is that I often regret it the next day. Even one small glass of wine in the evening can lead to me feeling too warm in bed and sluggish the next day. Natalie Bacon, the life coach that I follow, doesn’t drink alcohol and she has recently released a podcast about her year of being free from alcohol, which had made me think about my alcohol consumption.

I did though, on that sunny afternoon, submit to peer pressure and had a small glass of white wine, although there was a little voice in my head saying, ‘just ask for a cup of tea’.

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Since then I have been thinking about my future self and whether she drinks alcohol. I have realised that I don’t want to give it up, as I do enjoy it on occasions. Thinking of examples of those times when I do enjoy it they are mostly when we are on holiday or sharing a midday meal with friends or family. As I’ve probably mentioned before I much prefer a long leisurely lunch than a heavy meal in the evening.

On those days I enjoy a glass of wine, in particular a glass of rosé in the sunshine. Just imagine a beautiful summer’s day in France, tables and chairs outside a little restaurant and a glass of wine to accompany a delicious three course meal.  Another occasion when a glass of wine goes down well is with lunch on Christmas Day. The upside to drinking in the middle of the day and with food, it that the physical impact is much reduced. The food seems to cushion the immediate effect of the alcohol and the several hours before bedtime allow my body to process the alcohol before I go to sleep.

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The long and the short of this is that I have made the decision that I will only drink alcohol at lunch time and with food. This has yet to be tested though. A friend has invited me and Mr Simple round to her home. She has a fire pit and an outdoor heater so that we can all sit outside and social distance whilst still being warm. I know that alcohol will be involved and plan to decide on an alternative before we go. In fact, just thinking about it now, if it’s a cold evening something warming, such as a hot chocolate, sounds much more attractive than a cold glass of wine actually.

So have you made any decisions about your future self? If you want a copy of my guide on how to write your future self letter you can down load it here. It really is possible to create a vision of who you want to be one, five or ten years from now and with that in mind make decisions today to move to you closer to being that person.

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