Seven Simple Habits to Help You Get Up Early

Want to regularly get up early? To be the type of person who leaps out of bed at 6am and plunges themselves into their morning routine? I’ve talked about the importance of having a morning routine and many successful people cite the hours before everyone else gets up as the most important in their day. How can you embrace this lifestyle? Here’s seven habits to help you transform from a night owl into an early bird.

To show the time of 10pm
If you want to get up at 6am you need to be in bed by 10pm
Go to bed early

Count back 8 hours from when you want to get up and make sure your head is on the pillow by that time. If you want to be out of bed at 6am then by 10pm you need to be in bed, trying to sleep. I’m always amazed when I see Whatsapp messages from friends after 11pm. No wonder they struggle to get up in the morning. My understanding is that humans benefit from 7-9 hours sleep every night and therefore if you want to get up early, you need to go to bed early. Simple as that. Natalie Bacon has a post here about healthy sleep habits if you want to read a bit more about this.

Make sure your bedroom is dark

Worried that in the summer, if you’re going to bed early, your bedroom may not be dark enough for you to fall asleep? Or that in the height of summer you’ll wake up when the sun rises?  Some modern curtains are very thin and don’t block out light. To avoid both of these problems purchase some curtains with blackout lining or if that’s not an option wear an eye mask.  

A television in a bedroom
Get rid of that TV in your bedroom
Don’t have a TV in your bedroom

Love your box sets or Netflix before bed? The trouble is that watching some of those thrillers before bed will keep your mind racing and stop you from sleeping. There is also some concern that looking at a screen before bed can give you insomnia. Try to have some time before you go to sleep when you’re not looking at a screen.

Keep your phone in another room

Use your phone as an alarm clock and are constantly distracted by all the notifications? Replace it with something else. Don’t have a landline and worried you won’t be contactable in an emergency? Perhaps have your phone in your room, but not on your bedside cabinet or just outside the room with the volume turned up. Ideally, it should be downstairs and either switched off or charging.

Have different tog duvets for different times of year

How many times have we been on holiday in the summer to find the bed has a really thick duvet on it? You need to be comfortable. If you’re too hot or too cold you won’t sleep well. Use different thickness duvets for different times of year. Your partner’s always too hot and you’re always too cold? Try a thinner duvet and have a blanket on your side of the bed.

Toothbrushes to show morning routine
Just brushing your teeth tells your brain it’s time for bed
Tell your MIND that it’s time to go to sleep

Create a bed time routine. This can be as simple as brushing your teeth, washing your face and reading a couple of pages of a book. Here’s another post from Natalie Bacon, this time about morning and evening routines.

Use a sunrise lamp

Hate waking up a dark room, having to reach out your hand to the lamp and feeling blinded when you turn it on? Want to be woken up gently by ‘the sun’, no matter what time of year it is? Buy a sunrise lamp. I bought mine from John Lewis a few years ago and I think that it was about £50, so they aren’t cheap, but I wouldn’t be without it now. I think that I’ve forgotten what it’s like not to have one.

That’s it. Hopefully some great practical tips to turn you into that early bird. Why not start today and have an early night? You won’t regret it.

Prefer to listen to a podcast? Check out episode 40 of Mamafurfur’s podcast, The Prosperity Project about her morning routine for prosperity.

Want to learn more about life coaching and how to design your life? Why not check out ‘Grow You’, Natalie Bacon’s life coaching programme (affiliate link).




March 6, 2021 at 1:12 am

So true – getting to bed early makes an enormous difference!

April 3, 2021 at 7:33 am

Thank you for the kind mention of our Podcast “The Prosperity Project”. Great article!

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