How to Have a Great Staycation

Thinking you might not be able to get away this year, but not looking forward to staying at home again? I’ve got some ideas for you about how to make your staycation week extra special.

A clean bed
Change all your beds so you can enjoy clean sheets on the first night of your staycation
Prepare for your guests

Clean your house as though you were expecting guests to arrive. Treat yourself as you would others. If friends or family were arriving you’d clean the house from top to bottom, put clean sheets on the bed and provide fresh towels. When you’re the guest why treat yourself any different? We all feel a lot happier in a clean environment and you’ll enjoy your week so much more if you are happy in your accommodation. Nice touches can be to buy some flowers and order a daily or Sunday newspaper.

Box of cakes
Make sure you’ve get plenty of treats in
Enjoy Some Treats

Long leisurely lunches or dinners with a nice bottle of wine are what most of us look forward to when we’re on holiday. Going out for a meal may or may not be an option during your staycation. It might be that you live in an area where lockdown is still in place, or maybe you’re just watching the pennies. There are other ways to treat yourself.

Perhaps you could buy some more ready-prepared food than you normally would do. Some indulgent desserts or even just a pizza and garlic bread. Your budget might not stretch to a three-course meal at a fancy restaurant, but you could have a takeaway or even just fish and chips.

As well as treats for main meals, stock up on other goodies such as biscuits, cakes, crisps and your favourite tipple. Don’t forget breakfast. How about a fry up on a Sunday morning or making some pancakes?

phone showing email
Decide whether you’re going to allow work to interrupt your week or not
Set some rules

The difference between having a staycation and just being at home for the week is that you need to behave as though you were away on holiday. It’s up to you to decide what that means. Agree with the rest of the family what the rules are. They might be no work i.e. work phone off and no checking work email. Remember there’s no need to get up early, not unless you want to and you certainly shouldn’t be doing chores. If you’ve cleaned the house before the staycation you shouldn’t need to anyway.

ordnance survey maps
Get one of these and explore your local area
Plan your Activities

The basic rule when it comes to staycation activities is to explore your local area. You may be surprised with what’s on your doorstep and none of it needs to be expensive. Buy an ordnance survey map, or an A-Z if you live in a city, and either plan a route or just wander. You could get a nature guide out of the library to help you explore the great outdoors or some books about your area.  You might find one about local walks or historical sites that you can visit. Does your local town have a town walk? If so you’ll probably find the details on the internet. If you’ve always wanted to be a photographer why not take some photos when you’re out.

Other ideas for outdoor activities are cycling, hiking, going for a picnic or playing games in the local park such as rounders or football.

Activities at home include watching an episode or two a day of a box set over the week, having a games afternoon or doing some baking. Never get time to read? Choose a novel or two to immerse yourself in for a few days. If you’ve got enough space and own a tent, how about camping out in your garden? This is particularly good if you’ve got young children, who will enjoy the excitement of being outdoors for the night. How about having a stay-at-home spa day? Treat yourself to a facial, manicure or a massage – even if you’re on your own you can massage your feet. Buy a special hair treatments and have a relaxing bubble bath. Treat yourself to homemade afternoon tea, with little sandwiches, cake and even champagne or at least some cava.

I hope that you’ve got some good ideas for how to enjoy your next staycation, whether it’s enforced as a result of lock down or a choice if you’re trying to save money.

If you want some more ideas check out this post by Emma or my post about Having a Holiday on a Budget

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April 13, 2021 at 9:02 pm

Love the blog Sam! This was such a nicely presented article with fantastic tips. In these times of limited travel, a staycation is a great way to unwind from all the world’s stress. Keep up the great work!

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