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Finding Time to Work on Your Goals

This is my second article on how to find time in your day to work on your goals. Previously I gave you four questions to ask yourself. This time we’re just going to look at one strategy –

Moving your day.

What time do you get up? Is it 7.30am and leave the house at 8am? Or since covid get up at 8.30am and start work at 9am? Like most people you probably need 8 hours sleep. Therefore you didn’t need to go to bed until 11.30pm in order to feel rested and ready for your next day.

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Are most of your evening hours spent in front of this?

Now whilst that probably gives you a nice long evening after a hard day at the office I want you to ask yourself, ‘What did I do with the time after work?’.

Even if you didn’t get home until 7.30pm that’s four hours of ‘you time’, but I bet you weren’t very productive for all of those hours. In particular, I bet you didn’t do much with those two hours between 9.30pm and 11.30pm. You probably spent them on the couch in front of the TV or maybe in bed bingeing Netflix or catching up on your Instagram feed.

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Get up earlier – even 30 minutes can make a difference

What if you moved those two hours to the morning and got up at 5.30am? Too early for you? How about one and a half hours? Get up at 6am and go to bed at 10pm. That gives you two hours before leaving the house. You’ll have a lot more energy at the beginning of your day than you do after work. And whatever your day job is, it will get done because it always does and you know you have to do it.

So, try getting up just half an hour earlier and see how it feels. You can always build it up in 15 or 30 minute slices to get your body used to it.

a full moon on a dark sky
It’s hard getting up in the winter when it is still dark

You’re not going to want to go to bed early, particularly as you probably won’t be very tired initially.

This is going to be easier during the summer months, when it’s light in the morning, than in the middle of December. My tip is to buy yourself a sunrise lamp, which will gradually brighten the room and help you to wake up naturally. You won’t want to get out of bed. Feel the resistance and do it anyway or check out my post with seven ideas to help you get up earlier.

Your partner may protest about the alarm going off earlier. Offer to bring them a cup of tea or coffee in bed when you get up. It might help to persuade them that it’s not so bad after all.

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In the evening you can relax knowing you’ve already worked towards your goals before you went to work

Even just 30 minutes may give you some quiet time before your children get up.

Once you’ve worked on your goals in the morning you can relax and enjoy your day as you’ve got the most important things done already.

There’s no nagging thoughts when you get home from work that you should be working on your goals rather than being slumped on the couch watching Netflix.

Progress is motivational. As you begin to tick off your achievements and feel like you’re moving forward you’ll want more of it. That extra 30 minutes in the morning will help you get started, but once you’ve got the bug you’ll want to increase it as your productivity explodes.

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