About Me

Hello, I’m Sam. Welcome to my blog ‘A Simple Life’ with Sam.

I have been writing on ‘A Simple Life’ for just over two years. For a while it was a blog about saving money, with some ideas about personal development thrown in. As time has gone on my interests have developed into a love of personal development. This culminated in me joining Natalie Bacon’s life coaching programme ‘Grow You’ in February 2020, from which I continue to learn every single day.  

On ‘A Simple Life’ I explore lots of personal development topics. By doing this I want to help you to make positive changes in all areas of your life. My posts are all about ideas for how to improve your life and also providing a different perspective to help you to change your thinking about situations.

I usually post once a week on a Saturday. If you don’t want to miss anything sign up below and also get my free 100 page E-book on ‘How to Create Your Future Self ‘.

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