Grow You Affiliate

Natalie’s life coaching programme, ‘Grow You’ is amazing – as she says, it’s a gym for the mind

From January 2021 my main affiliate links are going to be to Natalie Bacon’s Grow You programme. Natalie is a life coach who trained with The Life Coach School. Grow You is her life coaching programme and I became a member in February 2020.

I first discovered Natalie via her podcast and as of January 2021 she had over 100 episodes so if you want to dip your toe in the world of personal development then have a listen here. If you prefer the written word she has blog posts on her site as well.

Inside Grow You she offers several live weekly coaching calls where you can type in questions for her to answer or raise your hand and she will coach you live. Each month there is a new lesson and a workbook. Apart from the live calls there is ‘Ask a Coach’, where any time of day you can submit a question in writing and an answer will be posted within a day or two.

If you fancy seeing what her lessons are like she has several free training episodes. Currently these are:

How to Live an Intentional Life

Overcoming Self Doubt

Time Management Tools

How to Fix Your Relationship

Online Business

Conquering Anxiety

Scarcity v Abundance Mindset

Money Mindset Exercises