Handy Ways to Use a Timer

The first way that I use a timer is when I want to concentrate on a difficult task for a period of time. It can be difficult if you’ve got an appointment coming up where you need to leave the house or you need to join a video conference, but you want to get into […]

How to do Focused Work

Unless you work in the emergency services it’s likely that not all of your phone calls are urgent, but we treat tend to treat them as such. We treat them like we’re the police taking a 999 call. We feel that we have to answer every time somebody rings us, but in fact nothing bad […]

Paper Planners

Love stationery? Love paper planners? Don’t we all? They are so crisp and pretty when they come. In fact you probably don’t want to write on them because they look so nice and you feel you are going to spoil them. You do your best to keep it neat and then when you make your […]