FI/RE stands for Financial Independence/Retire Early. This is something that I have discovered recently and in some ways rather late in life. It seems to be more widely known about in America, but the movement in the UK is slowly gathering momentum.

The basic idea is that you live a simple and frugal life, saving as much money as you can, which you then invest until you have enough in your nest egg that will enable you to live on the interest for the foreseeable future. At that point you can then choose to either retire, work part time or stay in your job in the knowledge that you can leave at any time. I have made several changes to my life since discovering FI/RE

Find ways to cut your budget

Since autumn 2018 I have begun my FI/RE journey, cutting my budget drastically, overpaying the mortgage and saving, in the hope that I can retire before the age of 67 – I am 50 at the moment. You can see how my budgeting has been going so far this year in January, February, March and April and how my monthly budget looks.

At times it has been hard, but there have been new experiences such as taking staycation, which was a great experience and made me realise what being retired might be like. I have also enjoyed reading the posts of other bloggers and rising to challenges made by The Saving Ninja such as what I am going to do when I FI/RE.

I plan to use this site to review my progress and hopefully help others who decide to make the journey as well.