Many people go through life without a thought about how they want their future to look. They just let it happen. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can actively work towards a future that you want to see, but in order to get there you first have to decide on your destination.

In my free e-book, How to Create Your Future Self I will give you ideas and tools to think about, covering thirteen different areas of your life. I will also link to resources so that if you want to concentrate on one or two areas you can deep dive. The amount of information and the number of resources varies for each topic and some topics don’t have any at all as they reflect my own interests to date. I don’t want to recommend something that I haven’t tried myself.

As I go through my own journey I plan to develop this workbook and add more information and resources. If you’re still subscribed to ‘A Simple Life’ you’ll get the updates as they come out.

Hopefully this will be only the beginning of your own amazing journey on the road to creating a life that you love.

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