I thought that I would have a page about the blogs and podcasts that I am following. When I ticked this box on the WordPress admin page it seemed to bring up a random list which included sites I hadn’t heard of. Therefore I decided that I would write my own instead.

At the beginning of this frugal journey I found ‘The Frugalwoods‘, Liz Willard Thames and her husband who saved 70% of their income and now live on a homestead in Vermont with their two young daughters. The ‘Uber Frugal Month’ was good way of starting to think about saving. I believe she runs it as a group activity in January and July, but you can start it anytime and will receive an email a day. I still have the card in my purse which says,’ Pay off the mortgage and retire early’ to act as a deterrent to overspending.

I have been trying to find some UK FI/RE bloggers and stumbled across ‘The Humble Penny‘, although he does post about other topics as well. Other British bloggers include ‘Gentleman’s Family Finances‘, ‘Ditch the Cave‘, ‘Quietly Saving‘ and ‘The Saving Ninja‘.

When it comes to podcasts one of the first that I found was ‘Afford Anything‘ with Paula Pant. I went right back to the beginning and downloaded almost every one. She seems to be one of the original FI podcasters and has interviewed some very interesting people. Her style is relaxed but professional.

I have recently started listening to motivational/life coaching podcasts, in particular ‘Natalie Bacon‘ and ‘Do It Scared‘ with Ruth Soukup. Lots of great ideas for making positive changes to your life. Ruth Soukup also runs ‘Elite Blog Academy‘ and has lots of downloads for new bloggers. In my opinion the best blogging website and podcast is Problogger, absolutely loads of information whether you are just starting out or having been blogging for years. I have only just started to make my way through it.

So many good blogs and podcasts to read and listen to, it’s finding the time to fit it all in! I hope that you enjoy some of these if you haven’t discovered them already.