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Self Development

I love reading lifestyle books. I believe that they provide a wealth of information and advice. Who needs a life coach when you can coach yourself? A book allows you to take things at your own pace and read as much or as little as you have time for each day.

Educate yourself for free

Free Advice

For the cost of only a book, or maybe even for free if your local library stocks it, you can get ideas and advice on how to improve your situation. I started taking notes from my favourite books some time ago now in order to remember and absorb all of this information and I share some of those with you on my blog. I have also discovered the joy of podcasts, another free resource.

The Longevity Plan

The first book that I have shared information from on here is ‘The Longevity Plan’, by Dr John Day. I stumbled across him as he is an expert in atrial fibrillation, the condition with which I suffer. Find my five posts on his book here, covering food, positivity, community, exercise and rhythm.  


I firmly believe that we need to look at our lives and our daily habits and assess whether they are getting us to where we want to be. Tom Corley has written the book ‘Rich Habits, Poor Habits’. Read his advice in these posts:

Make your day work for you

Time Management

Another author that I love is Laura Vanderkam, who in my opinion is the queen of time management. If you want to create a great start to your day read the advice that she has to offer.

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