a woman meditating while sitting on a yoga mat

Can’t find the time for the things you want to do? No time for exercise, reading or journaling and things that contribute to your wellbeing?

My question to you is how easy do you make it on yourself?

Many of these activities could fit in to those little breaks between other things in our lives.

I’m sure that you  have 15 minutes here and there. Often we just waste time. It’s not quite time to leave to go to an appointment. You get somewhere early. You’re hanging about waiting for your husband to come home from work before you start cooking dinner.

Always turn to your phone for entertainment in these moments? Want to do something else instead? If you want to do more reading then put out books that you want to read, so when you have that spare 15 minutes you’ll pick up that book and start reading. Fifteen minutes a few times a week can really add up. It can feel like you’ve had some time to yourself.

If you want to exercise more perhaps you don’t have time to drive to the gym, to take that yoga class for an hour, but maybe you do have 15 minutes to do some Pilates following a YouTube video or lift some weights. You don’t even have to buy weights. They can be a can of beans or a bottle of water. Decide what exercise you’re going to do in that 15 minutes and then when the time comes remind yourself by have those weights out or having that YouTube video saved on your phone so you can go straight to it and start doing the exercises. Even 15 minutes of walking listening to a podcast. There’s loads of short podcasts.

Perhaps you want to listen to podcasts because you want to learn something or are interested in an area. So make sure again they are downloaded to your phone so when you’ve got that 15 minutes you can easily find them. One of my clients had a sewing project she wanted to get finished. She put it out on the side and when she was waiting for her husband to come home for dinner seeing it reminded her to pick it up and work on it. In no time at all it was done and she was planning the next project to fill those 15 minute slots

So make a list now of all those things that you never get done and start with just one that you’re going to do in those small slots over the next few weeks