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Hello and welcome to ‘A Simple Life’. If you’re looking for some help with making positive changes in your life you’ve come to the right place. If you want ideas for managing your time, eating more healthily and saving money, then look no further.

Changes to your health can make you realise that you need to look after yourself

My interest in looking after myself better and thinking about how I spend my time started when I was diagnosed with a heart condition in my forties. I realised that you never know what’s around the corner and that you need to make the best of the time you have. On ‘A Simple Life’ I want to share with you some of the things that I have learnt, and am still learning, about how to create a more intentional life and take pleasure in the simple things the world has to offer.

It’s easy to go through life without thinking about what’s important to you and making changes so you can prioritise what you value. How can you find more time in your week? What activities can you do that cost little or no money? How can you improve your diet without breaking the bank or spending two hours every evening cooking dinner? What are easy ways to increase your knowledge of a subject, that fit effortlessly into your day? I have some simple solutions for you.

If you’re interested in ways to spend less check out my posts about my money savings habits, learn why I love libraries or read what I did on my recent staycation.

Self-help books from the library are a great resource

It may be that self-improvement is why you’re here. One of the first books that I read when trying to make positive changes to my life was ‘The Longevity Plan’, by Dr John Day. Find my five posts on his book here, covering food, positivity, community, exercise and rhythm. Want to create a great start to your day? Learn what advice Laura Vanderkam has to offer.

Finally, you may have found me if you are interested in the FIRE movement, Financial Independence/Retire Early. Read how I am managing my money in order to pay off our mortgage early and what habits you can adopt which may make you richer.

I don’t have any products to sell, but I can offer you some thoughtful advice, usually once a week, on these and other topics.

Take advice from Chrissy of EatsleepbreatheFI who says that she has been ‘inspired’ by my monthly updates. Every time she reads one of my posts she feels like she’s ‘in the English countryside!’

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